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February 22, 2007 – Lara Bozabalian and Craig Grant

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LARA BOZABALIAN has been writing poetry and prose for the last six years. Her work has been published in newspapers, journals and magazines, as well as in two literary anthologies. She is the author of three collections of poetry, and Young Lion, her fourth, will be available in the spring of 2007.

CRAIG GRANTwas born on a pool table in Val Marie, Saskatchewan in mid-June of 1955, making him a Gemini, the sign of prevaricators, thieves and late night talk show hosts. As well as, of course, writers. It wasn’t until he went to Nepal in 1978 and studied the Akashik Records in a remote ashram belonging to the Black Hat Society, an enclave of time-travelers, that he realized, in the twenty-third hour of a past-life regression experience inside a salt-water flotation tank, that his mother, a one-time prostitute, had been a guinea pig in some nefarious drug experiments dreamed up by the CIA, at the University of Regina, when she was pregnant with him, in the first trimester. This epiphany, plus being hit by lightning at age 12, plus eleven other near-death experiences, had a profound impact upon his psyche. He began having psychic dreams. He began travelling around the country on the psychic fair circuit, with a laptop loaded with astrological software, a Salvador Dali tarot deck, three astral dice and a sign that said, simply, “the psychic detective”.

He also wrote a novel about his trip to Nepal and India, since it involved travelling through the Iranian revolution.

THE LAST INDIA OVERLAND is now out of print. But sometimes a copy can be found at, for $200 Am, if it’s signed and in mint conditiion. Or from the author, himself, for half the price.

Craig Grant can be contacted through Coteau Books.

Praise for Craig Grant’s THE LAST INDIA OVERLAND…..

“a rocky, raunch, unforgettable ride!” – Derek Shell

“….. is a wonderfully bizarre travel tale that I really sank my teeth into. Gut-wrenching and gritty.” – Tim Brandt

“….is weird and funny and erotic and knowing. The must-read book of the year.” – Cliff Burns