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Hot-Sauced Words – FEB. 21st 2008 – Featuring Guy Gavriel Kay and Susan Lynn Reynolds


Guy Gavriel Kay
is the author of ten novels, translated into more than twenty languages and featuring on bestseller lists around the world. He was won numerous awards for his writing, including the International Goliardos Prize, in Mexico, for his contributions to the literature of the fantastic.His most recent novel, YSABEL, was a national #1 bestseller in 2007. In 2003 a selection of his poetry, BEYOND THIS DARK HOUSE, was published by Penguin Books. A new, paperback edition of that volume will appear in April of this year.

Susan Lynn Reynolds
writes fiction and poetry. Her YA novel Strandia won the Canadian Library Association’s national award for Young Adult Novel of the Year and she has won the Timothy Findley Creative Writing Prize three years in a row, most recently for her short story “Tadpole”. She teaches creative writing – her area of specialty is the therapeutic use of journaling and memoir. She has been leading writing workshops for female inmates at Central East Correctional Centre for three years, a program for which she was recently awarded the 2007 June Callwood Award. Sue is currently doing her Masters degree at Trent University.

Sue has a fascination for gender politics – what works and what doesn’t. She ploughs this field repeatedly, breaking her plough tines on new stones with each pass… She will be launching SKINNED her new book of poetry, published by CreativeJames Publishing.