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Hot-Sauced Words – APRIL 17th 2008 Featuring R.E.D.J. (RD and ELECTRIC JON Duo) and MARINA MALVADA


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marina-malvada-hotsaucepic.jpgMARINA MALVADA

Marina Malvada is an artist who works in paint, music and words. Her poetry is lyrical, surreal, human (as in fallible), and spiritual (as in inspired). Ms. Malvada has been featured at The Art Bar Poetry Series, Pynky Love’s Cabaret, and appears often as m00nbASS in the local underground music scene.

She lives and works in the downtown west end, and attended The Ontario College of Art and Design, where she received her bachelor’s degree in painting with a minor in sculpture/installation.Marina has a freelance web design business and is the owner of, an online confection store that specializes in casts from an actual human skull. Her solid chocolate casts have appeared in The National Post, international magazines Bizzare and Rue Morgue, and on

Marina’s poetry reflects the gestalt of sensibilities within her creative processes. Using sound effects, props, and costumes makes her appearances resemble performance as much as reading. The works are funny and scary, with just a hint of profundity. Her favourite poets include Jem Rolls, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Luciano Jacobelli, and The Strap-Ons. She’s been writing ever since she can remember.


Come and enjoy the cutting edge poetry and performances of two of Toronto’s most expressive and rarely outspoken SPOKEN WORD guerillas in what should be a fitting and unforgettable tribute to POETRY MONTH! BIOS coming soon!