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JUNE 19th 2008 Featuring CAREY TOANE and MIKE LIPSIUS


Carey Toane is a journalist, editor and aspiring poet. Originally from Alberta, she has been loitering around open mics since she returned to Toronto last autumn after six years in Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Her poetry was most recently published in the Winter 2007 issue of CV2.

This is her first feature reading.

Mike Lipsius was born in Scarberia, but grew up in Ennismore, Ontario, just north of Peterborough. He’s been writing poetry since the age of 14, though none of it was any good until years later.

He’s the host and artistic director of the Rochdale Rhymes and Readings Series.

He lives in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto and has a diploma in print journalism from Loyalist College. He works as a very occasional freelance writer in the travel industry. His favourite poet (and writer) is Richard Brautigan.

He cannot claim to hold a BA, MA or PhD, but is proudly one BMF.