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Usually the poetry theme is not announced until the beginning of each show, but for this show we will be providing TWO THEMES in advance for those who like to take a little more time to put that magic on the page.

Here are the TWO THEMES:
a) A summer for thunderstorms –
b) My history hides in my closet –

$25.00 CASH PRIZE (and a special HOT-SAUCED WORDS MOMENTO) for BEST POEM and BEST PERFORMANCE in each of the two themes.

Each POET or SPOKEN WORD Performer will have a maximum of SIX MINUTES to impress the audience with a poem on ONE of the TWO THEMES.

Poets may only present a poem written during the time period of the challenge (July 30th t0 August 21st 2008) and may only perform during the show to give everyone a chance to enter and perform.

Your poem may be shorter than the maximum time allowed BUT The GONG RULE WILL APPLY for those who go over SIX MINUTES! Don’t embarrass yourself and ruin the chances that the audience, who will be voting at the end of the show, will hold it against you. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

There will be 2 or more sets (no open mic this show only) until all entrants have had a chance to perform.

We will be limiting the number of contestants to TWENTY so we’re not passed midnight, so EMAIL to reserve your spot between August 1st and NOON, August 21st.

If there are not enough pre-booked contestants, we will be accepting entrants at the door on a first come, first served basis.

(Please note that James will be away on vacation the first 2 weeks of August. He will try to check in from time to time, but will be replying to emails around August 17th to confirm those who have pre-booked. Since contestants will be accepted in the date order of the emails, please do not assume you are pre-booked until James has emailed you to confirm your spot.


To read the winning poems please click on August 2008 Poetry Challenge Winners on the left sidebar.

ON THE ROAD – Hot-Sauced Words Available Anywhere in ONTARIO

Every so often I offer the show in other locations.

So far, three times in Uxbridge, once in Brighton and four times at Durham College in Oshawa.

If you would like me to come and showcase your local poets in your hometown,

just email me or contact me through the form on this website

and we can work out the details.