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May 21st featuring Nichola Ward and Zero Horse Town


Nichola Ward

NOTE: Nichola wrote her bio on a dare form me that she couldn’t produce her bio as a poem over night. Not only did she beat the deadline, she wrote it in this difficult form: a Villanelle. Don’t miss this clever writer, dynamic poet and exceptional performer.

A Writer and Performance Poet of the hood

Although her neighbours are all decorators

Nichola Ward – Oh yeah – She’s good

Not one to self applaud – But if she could

She’d call herself a wicked – Rhyminator

A Writer and Performance Poet of the hood

Inspired by voices from fair Thomas’s Milkwood

And by the likes of Arnold’s “Terminator”

Nichola Ward – Oh yeah – She’s good

Fearless – She’ll milk any sacred cow – from the Bible to the Talmud

Preaching to the public – She’s a peerless Mass Debater

A Writer and Performance Poet of the hood

She lays no claim to Sainthood

But she’s a lover not a hater … and (like most of us) is scared of coming off as some asshole second-rater…

So when you see her tell her later…

Nichola Ward – Oh yeah – She’s good

Because when you take away the bullshit – She’s been standing where you stood

And sharing some humanity… well, that’s the reason why she’s placed here

A Writer and Performance Poet of the hood

Nichola Ward – Oh yeah – She’s good.


Zero Horse Town

is a performance collaboration between author Peter Unwin and writer/musician Andrew Borkowski.

A combination of spoken language and music, Zero Horse Town will perform work from Peter Unwin’s latest book “Hard Surface; In Search of the Canadian Road,” along with other examples of beat narrative.

Unwin’s books include the short story collection, The Rock Farmers, a novel, “Nine Bells For A Man,” and “The Wolf’s Head,” and most recently, “Hard Surface; In search of the Canadian road.” His poems, essays and stories have appeared in magazines journals and newspapers throughout North America.

Andrew Borkowski is a fiction writer, editor, and /musician, who heads up the Toronto r&b band The Grayceful Daddies. His short story “Lech” appeared in the 2007 Journey Prize Anthology.