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October 20, 2011



Leslie Casey and Zoran Papic

Leslie Casey

Leslie Casey

is a writer and college instructor from Barrie, Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in CV2, Queen’s Alumni Review, The Amethyst Review, as well as several anthologies.

She was the winner of the 2008 ‘Well-Versed’ Competition sponsored by Queen’s University, and the 2009 Whittaker Prize Competition in poetry.

Leslie is currently at work on her first full-length poetry manuscript.

Zoran Papic

Zoran Papic

“With Love We Live”

Born in Yugoslavia in 1958, Zoran showed interest and love for poetry from a young age, reciting in many groups and later acting. Through elementary and high school he was active in the poetry reciting groups and there formed his first true relationship with the art of writing. In 1975 he became a part of the evening poetry readings held weekly in the city’s library, where he became familiar with he famous Yugoslavian and foreign poets.

From 1978-1981 he was a member of “Scene of Youth”, a drama and reciting group specializing in themes regarding young people. There, Zoran found his niche and expanded his basic knowledge of reciting and acting.

He was also a member of the Serbian Theatre Toronto from its beginning to end, where he was equally successful in all genres and roles. The ending of the theatre group hit him hard and he felt dead as an artist for a year. Then, his daughters told him about this place where people can read their poems.

A new journey began……