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November 17, 2011


Brian Henderson
Jacqueline Larson

Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson wis the author of nine volumes of poetry (including a deck of visual poem-cards, The Alphamiricon), the latest of which, Nerve Language, was nominated for the Governor General’s Award, and about which the jury wrote, “Terrifying and beautiful, the language in this book is an incendiary crossing of wires.

These poems are as likely to break you open as they are to explode.” In “The Journal of Canadian Poetry,” Glenn Wilmot stated that Year Zero “explores with extraordinary depth and intimacy the boundary line joining the creation and loss of life, affirming the “insistence of things” in a language that transcends the differences between thought and feeling, word and thing.
Sharawadji by Brian Henderson
” In “Books in Canada” Phil Hall wrote of Smoking Mirror: “This is certainly a poetry of a magnitude and import similar to, say, Don Domanski’s or Louise Gluck’s…. Very accomplished…and elegant to read aloud.”

His new book, Sharawadji, from Brick Books launched in May 2011.
His work, both critical and poetic, has appeared in a number of literary journals. He has a PhD in Canadian literature, is the Director of WLUPress and lives in Kitchener Ontario with his wife, Charlene Winger, who directs a mental health clinic in Halton.

Jacqueline Larson

has published poetry in a number of Canadian literary journals, including Prairie Fire, West Coast Line, Descant, and Geist. Her poem, “Salt Physic,”? was shortlisted for a National Magazine Award after publication in Prairie Fire.
She has also been nominated for the Hart House Review poetry prize. Her debut poetry collection, also titled Salt Physic was published by Pedlar Press in 2008).
Jacqueline LarsonLarson was born in Red Deer AB, has lived and taught and written in many parts of Canada, and now makes her home in Toronto.