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March 15, 2012

Clara Blackwood and Ian Hanna

Clara Blackwood

Clara Blackwood
Clara Blackwood lives and writes in Toronto.

ArcanaHer first poetry collection, Subway Medusa(2007), was the inaugural book in Guernica Editions’ First Poets Series, which features first books by poets thirty-five and under.

Her work has appeared in journals in Canada, the UK, and Israel.
In 2011 her chapbook of tarot-inspired poetry, Arcana, was published by Aeolus House.
A second edition of Arcana was published in February 2012.

Ian Hanna

Ian Hanna
A local poet, Ian divides his time between the urbane city busy-ness and the solitude of his woods just to the north. He enjoys pondering the semiology of swamps and other low laying emotions on long walks with his dog. Ian also enjoys light domestic chores on occasion and sometimes collects typewriters. He writes poetry. Ian has published in a handful of reputable sorts of places, is currently participating on an installation project for Luminato, and has work in the forthcoming North Shore Anthology. The dog heartily applauds the long walks.

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