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August 2012

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HSW August 2012

Jessica Bebenek

Jessica Bebenek is an award-winning poet and playwright living in Toronto. She is currently studying in the Creative Writing undergraduate program at York University.

She has twice featured at The Art Bar poetry reading series and has won the Sorbara Award for poetry, the President’s Prize for stage play, the Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Award (Honourable Mention), and The Art Bar’s Discovery Night.

She has written for Uncharted Sounds Magazine and is currently the Contributing Assistant Editor for The Flying Walrus.
Alana P. CookALANA P. COOK

When Alana P. Cook was a young, and impressionable woman at age 19, her father warned her that if she were to pursue a degree in fine arts, she would end up a starving artist. Thus, she choose to do something much more sensible, and in 2011 she graduated from York University with honours in Women Studies, and Creative Writing.

Since then, she has written hundreds of poems, and romanticizes how she will lovingly work on them for 7 years, like Kahlil Gibran did when he created his masterpiece, “The Prophet”.

She currently volunteers for the Artbar poetry series, and her first self published chapbook, tentatively titled, “Idiot In Rapture” is forthcoming in Spring 2013.

don’t forget the Hot-Sauced Words GGRRLLZZ NIGHT ALL FEMALE OPEN MIC (6 x three minute spots each show. Sign up at 7:30)

Audience Interaction Positively Encouraged – Stretch your writing skills in the On-The-Spot Poetry Themed Challenge. (ALL SEXES MAY EBTER THIS CHALLENGE!) Win a drink on the host.

No Admission charge but we do pass the hat