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October 16th – POETRY NOIR

hotsaucedwords Film Noir 2

Thursday night at Hot-Sauced Words dip your toes into POETRY NOIR!

FOUR WRITING CHALLENGES – Audience members have the choice of competing in groups or on their own or just sitting back and enjoying the carnage. .

Featuring Romeo Satin and the Satinettes, Jeff Cottrill and Jimmy D (a.k.a. STOOL PIGEON; a.k.a. MR. PULL; a.k.a YOUZA POWZA (but only to the ladies)).

And…. POW POW POW (I’ll never tell ya buddy, I’ll never tell ya where the loot is hi…. POW!)



Bring your imagination. We supply the pens and paper.
The Killers with Ava Gardner

Touch of Evil (1958)

Touch of Evil (1958)

“Let’s see ya talk your way out of this one!”

Poetry Noir was a fabulous and entertaining evening last night. A special thanks to Romeo Satin, Pelayo Matute, Jeff Cottrill, Cynthia Gould, Mandy Wells and soundman Mike Bryant for wowing the joint. A special thanks to everyone, including the performers, who arrived drenched from the rain and stayed in fun mode. We laughed so much.

To view photos of the event please visit the HOT-SAUCED WORDS FACEBOOK GROUP