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December 14th: The Poetry Anti-Pageant Show


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Kirsten Sandwich CD Promo framed w
Taavi Burns, Kirsten Nelson, and Pelayo Matute have been singing together as Kirsten Sandwich for twelve years now. This a cappella trio has a very broad repertoire, covering everything from Ancient and traditional music to blues and rock & roll. They have sung at every single Hot-Sauced Words Anti-Pageant since the first one seven years ago, and have at least one new song every year. This year is no different.



Heather Wood w
Born and raised in Montreal, Heather J. Wood is the author of two books, Fortune Cookie and Roll With It. She is also the editor of the 2015 international fiction anthology Gods, Memes and Monsters. Heather lives in Toronto with her poet husband Kurt and two cuddly cats.
Kate Marshall Flaherty Dirty Girl w
Kate Marshall Flaherty, alias “Party Girl”, plans to return next year at the Hot-Sauced Words Tenth Anniversary Show. She has published several books of poetry, her most recent being“Stone Soup” with Quattro Books. She guides StillPoint Writing retreats and yoga classes. Kate been known to “poem” people during National Random Acts of Poetry week, and party down with “Dirty Boy” while enjoying a Kirsten Sandwich this time of year. She is now the Toronto Rep. for the League of Canadian Poets. Poetry is her lifeline, and Hot Sauce is her fave day of the month!.
Sharon Berg w
Sharon Berg published her first book of poetry, To A Young Horse, with Borealis Press (1979) followed by The Body Labyrinth with Coach House Press (1984). She published a number of chapbooks, was Co-Editor of Who’s Who in the League of Canadian Poets. This was followed by two videos: Personal Myths, posted on YouTube in 2009. She has also published several of her short stories in The Fiddlehead and other magazines. She is currently the editor, founder and webmaster for the International Literary E-zine: Big Pond Rumours.
Susie Whelehan w
Susie Whelehan has been writing for most of her 53 years. Okay, 63. Her prose has been published by Novalis and Knopf Canada. Her screenwriting has been produced by Radical Sheep Productions and seen on YTV and PBS. Her poetry has been published in several Canadian anthologies, journals and birthday cards to her friends. Her work has also been rejected, very politely mind you, but some of the finest publishers in North America. She runs AWA writing workshops in the west end of Toronto and still believes in the Baby Jesus and His friend, Gloria In Excelsis Deo.
Ron Potter w
Ron Potter is a Sagittarius who has been with his Aries for 35 years. He considers this to be a Celestial metaphor for something important. He owns and trains a horse in dressage which is art form in itself. He writes poetry and fiction as thinly veiled memoir. He has a self published chapbook which is offered freely to anyone who has ever bloodied their knuckles on a brick wall or a dirt road mailbox. He believes that the world is being redeemed from a horrible cataclysm and that every person possesses both the cataclysm and the redemption within themselves.
Lisa Richter w
Lisa Richter is a writer and ESL teacher whose poetry has been featured in several journals, including The Malahat Review, The Toronto Quarterly, lichen and The Scrivener. Her work has also appeared in the anthologies Jack Layton: Art in Action and Voices for Diversity and Social Justice: A Literary Education Anthology. Her first chapbook,intertextual, was published by Pooka Press in 2011. Most recently, her suite of poems “Where the Old Road Begins” was longlisted for the 2015 CBC Poetry prize. She can be found on the web at
Jeff Cottrill w
Award-nominated journalist by day, spoken-word performer and classic-film nerd by night, Jeff Cottrill has been psychologically traumatizing the Toronto literary community for about fifteen years now. He has headlined in countless literary and performance series throughout Ontario, the U.K. and the U.S. over the last fifteen years, and he recently made his Paris, France debut. Jeff has authored four chapbooks and recorded three CDs, the most recent being “This Album Is NIT FENNY!”. once called him “One of the funniest spoken-word artists in Canada.” “Broken Pencil” once called him a “pretentious a—hole.” Jeff likes movies, travel and puppies.
Nicki Ward w
Nichola (Nicki) Ward is a multiple-award winning poet and performer. Her work is firmly rooted in traditional poetry, but embraces the passion and power of performance. Her work has been described as “compelling and profoundly moving”. Elsewhere, she is constantly innovating and uses video, multimedia, computer animation, graphic novels and electronic media to share her work. Latest endeavours include graphic poetry and micro poetry via twitter which can be found at @nichola_ward or

Sue Reynolds w
Susan Lynn Reynolds is a writer, a writing instructor, former president of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region and former vice-chair of the national organization Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs. She currently heads the Canadian chapter of Amherst Writers & Artists. She has won awards for her poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and her YA novel (published with HarperCollins) and is currently practicing psychotherapy under supervision in pursuit of her license as a psychotherapist.

Show starts at 7:30 with a short OPEN MIC.


NEXT PERFORMANCE: December 14th (2nd Monday)
Our Annual Poetry Anti-Pageant Show (in support of THE DAILY BREAD FOOD BANK)
featuring acapella sensation Kirsten Sandwich and a motley crew of irreverent and somehow appropriate seasonal poetry performances.